Cassandra LaytonHey there!  This is me, a twirling bride in mass amounts of tulle.  If I could wear this dress everyday, I absolutely would!

I am the bride to my best friend Ryan, and the mother to a cuddly, sometimes rambunctious Great Dane named Cheyenne.  Coffee in the morning isn’t a must, but it surely is a delight…an everyday delight 😉 With the saying that we are the Body of Christ, I’ve taken the liberty to call myself the tear ducts.  It can be sad or beautiful and you just need turn your head, and there I’ll be!  I can’t help it!  So needless to say, a good day for me involves a delicious cup of coffee, a kiss from my man, a cuddle from my pup, and a tear in my eye.

Home Staging has transformed for me throughout the years.  It used to be about decorating and organizing, and of course I love that.  But amazingly, it’s become more about the process of transformation and the story behind people finding a new home.  I love allowing myself to enter into that story.  I enjoy praying for the new owners while I’m staging, and hoping that their new lives in the home will be filled with many happy memories and love in abundance!